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"The work of Lopez runs from harsh electronic sound to subtle and bewildering environmental recordings. Influenced by the acousmatic theories of musique concrčte, his approach has been to focus on the sound itself rather than its source. In his text ‘Profound Listening and Environmental Sound Matter’, the sleevenote for his seminal release La Selva, he criticises the scientific approach of bioacoustics or ‘documentary’ nature recording. “As soon as the call is in the air,” he asserts, “it no longer belongs to the frog that produced it.” He dismisses the tendency of acoustic ecologists to elevate a sacralised natural soundscape (preferably pre-industrial in character) over the fallen world of man-made sound. His suggestion that no recording is ever scientifically ‘objective’ places the emphasis on the shaping, even aesthetic, decisions of the artist or recordist: microphone placement, equipment choice or editing, for example. And, in a similar move, he removes any pretence at locating an objective musicality in environmental sound: “It’s our decision – subjective, intentional, non-universal, not necessarily permanent – that converts nature sounds into music.” It’s easy to see how this could be inspiring and liberating for those who were coming to the end of other musical tethers in experimental music." [Will Montgomery / THE WIRE]

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Untitled single piece 1 (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-22 music like being underwater, deepest possible drones, an experiment for your mind & body! 1996  
Untitled Music for Geography CD Sedimental sedcd024   1997 €12.00
Untitled (1998) CD Generator Sound Art GSA-01 special clear plastic sleeve / non-jewel-case / a good example for his concept of the "absolute music" 1999 €14.00
Untitled # 115 7inch Edition ix Deep, nearly unrecognizable frequencies, nearly smooth drones & vibes .. lim. ed. on white vinyl 2002 €7.00
Untitled # 90 CD Ohm Records 1.1 Ohm re-issue of a CD that appeared on PRE-FEED in 1999, pure INSECT SOUNDS. This is Sonic Biology ! Comes in the same minimal design with no real cover as other UNTITLED releases in this phase... one-tracker 46 minutes, special priced 2002 €10.00
Untitled Single Piece # 5 7 90%Wasser WVINYL 001 lim. 500 / white vinyl 2002 €6.00
Untitled # 74 CD Authorized Vision AV009 clear everything. re-issue of the 1997 table of the elements-album 2003 €13.50
Azoic Zone CD Geometrik GR-003 re-release of the (very first!) LOPEZ-CD from 1993, a lonely deepsea dronescape and trip into the unknown inspired by the organisms of abyssal underwater zones, using original material from ILLUSION OF SAFETY, DAVID MYERS, JOHN HUDAK, M. GENDREAU, ZAN HOFFMAN and others from the 90's network of that time.. a true masterpiece, back in stock !! 2004 €13.00
Untitled # 150 CD Antifrost AFRO 2022 digipack / Lopez "unreleased Mort Aux Vaches" - rec. in Amsterdam at VPRO-studios in Jan 2003! one-tracker 2004 €14.50
Live in San Francisco CD 23five 007 comes with blindfold! 2005 €13.00
A sudden pest of droning pseudoinsects 4 x 7inch Eozoön Editions oversized cover, white vinyl, sounds from an installation held in Rotterdam 1994. Ed. of 100 copies (un-numbered) ! 2006 €38.00
El dia anterior a la emergencia de los adultos de magicicada mCD Purplesoil psychophysical ultra-deep infrasounds, almost unlistenable to you can feel them ! 2006 €6.50
Untitled # 164 CD Unsound 12U a project comissioned by the ARGOS festival in 2004, Brussels Sonic Matter. Using field recording made in the city together with TRMX, Johan Vandermaelen, Martiens Go Home, and Building Transmissions; Lopez mutates and records these into an intense 73 minute composition... 2006 €13.50
Live in Auckland CD Monotype Records mono017 live in New Zealand 11.07.2004 2007 €13.00
Lopez Island CD Elevator Bath eeaoa051 cardboard cover, lim. 500 2008 €13.00
Technocalyps CD Alien 8 Recordings ALIEN CD 77 soundtrack to the film by FRANK THEYS, the most "industrial" LOPEZ you have ever encountered... 2008 €13.00
Untitled # 188 CD CON-V cnvcd001 lim. 400 / based on environmental recordings made in Montreal 2000-2006, comes in totally black digipack 2008 €14.50
Untitled (2006-2007) do-CD Monochrome Vision (mv25) collection of short pieces 2006-2007, feat. RAPOON, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, THOMAS PHILLIPS, KATHY KENNEDY. Lim. 500 2008 €16.50
Machines do-CD Elevator Bath eeaoa030 four subtle work-outs of machinery sounds (clocks, elevators, laboratory & factory equipment), lim. 500 2009 €17.00
Nowhere. Short pieces 1983 to 2003 10 x CD-BOX Blossoming Noise BN39 embossed black box with half long deleted & half unreleased material, a collection spanning 20 years 2009 €55.00
Amarok CD Glacial Movements GM007 a very isolationist and spooky work in the great Glacial Movements series dedicated to arctic landscapes; a one-tracker of 64+ minutes; "Amarok" is the name of a gigantic wolf in the Inuit mythology 2010 €10.00
Untitled # 271 mCD-R Kaon oc10 fifth release in the new LA RIVIERE-series by Kaon (25 releases / artist working on basic field recording material from CEDRIC PEYRONNET /TOY BIZARRE!), lim. /numb. 100 copies, printed covers, rare !! 2010 €9.00
Hypogeion MC Mantricum Records MANTRICUM 022 C-40, four long tracks created 1992 which seem to see the daylight for the very first time; deepest subterranean drones, dedicated to the strange creatures named "Arthropods" and designed to play inside caves; rare & highly recommended !! 2011 €7.00
Paris Hiss MC Banned Production bp170 MC-only release in the new limited Banned Prod tape series (standard jewel-cases & printed full colour covers); filed under: very minimal hiss-drones; C-60 ! 2011 €7.00
Untitled #205 10" Auf Abwegen AATP31 ... made entirely out of end grooves from old 78rpm vintage records, the B-side has the 20 original loops LOPEZ used for it; lim. 300 2011 €13.50
Untitled #275 CD Unsounds U26 hearing is believing - LOPEZ works with PIANO-sounds, delivered by REINIER VAN HOUDT; two stunning pieces going to new directions 2011 €13.00
Untitled (2009) do-CD Baskaru karu:20 14 shorter new tracks by LOPEZ ranging from 2 to 20 minutes using unusual sounds & highly suspenseful electro-drones built as usual from field recordings, great mutations & transformations into unknown areas; definitely one of the best LOPEZ albums we know !! 2011 €15.00
Untitled (2010) do-CD Alone At Last [AAL]1 first release on a new Russian label which inspires with amazing packaging (custom handmade textured covers in different colours with set of 3 photos inside) - and various new LOPEZ recordings made in 2010 exploring different ideas & conceptions, e.g. using original field recordings made at buddhist monasteries in Burma; lim. 500 and highly recommended!! 2012 €20.00
TLALOC CD-R Ruido Horrible rh073 Mexican re-issue of this rare beauty from 1991 (MC, Toracic Tapes & Obuh Records), a collaboration with JORGE REYES who used lots of 'pre-Columbian instruments' like tepnatzles, pitchers, goat hoofs, turtle shells, butterfly cocoons, etc. etc... re-mastered by F. LOPEZ in 2011 & dedicated to REYES who died in 2009 2013 €10.00
HYPER-RAINFOREST CD Nowhere Worldwide - The Epoche Collection vol. 1 massive sound installation from 2011 (Troy, New York, presented on 82 speakers in the dark!) consisting of layers of collected pure rainforest field recordings (1990-2010) done at multiple locations (more than 10 countries!) => a really immersive acoustic trip (the rainforest sounding at times like a real ocean) with lots of details, listen to the glistening noises of animal & insect wildlife, weather, waterfalls and pure atmosphere...comes in F. LOPEZ own label, lim. 300 copies only !! 2014 €13.00
OBATALA - IBOFANGA. Environmental sound matter from Cuba and the USA CD Nowhere Worldwide - The Epoche Collection vol. 3 third release in FRANCISCO LOPEZ own new label-series: one long piece (50+ min) based on field recordings made in various National Parks in Cuba and the U.S.A.... incredible sounds of birds & animals again! lim. 300 2014 €14.00
Untitled # 295 LP GOD Records GOD 22 mysterious ultra low frequency pulses & crackles, sounds like electrified whistles.. a masterpiece of mysterious muzak that sinks into your mind like cotton wool into water.... two long tracks especially designed for vinyl, hard to find album released by the excellent Austrian GOD label 2014 €21.00
Untitled #281 CD Störung str10 quite a special LOPEZ composition derived from 'digitally distorted' bird recordings collected over 15 years, the clicks & glitches are incorporated into the sounds with very strange effect!... "the most dramatic antithesis of any 'birdsong' piece you could imagine"; comes in a clear box with white print 2014 €15.00
Untitled (2011) CD Nefryt N 025 a collection of (un)typical LOPEZian field recordings made around the world (Amazon, Australia & New Zealand, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Morocco, etc..), rather short acoustic 'snapshots' or processed collages of incredible sounding phenomena from birds & insects & animals, unknown objects, found sounds or mysterious sub-drones and overwhelming weather noises...not a boring moment! 8 tracks 43+ min. playtime, comes in oversized fold out cover 2014 €13.00
YANAYACU. Environmental sound matter from the Peruvian Amazon CD Nowhere Worldwide - The Epoche Collection vol. 2 second release in FRANCISCO LOPEZ own new label-series: five pieces based on field recordings made in Peru at the Yanayacu River (Amazon) in 2006, showing different acoustic 'scopes" of the rainforest environment... incredible sounds of birds & animals again! Dedicated to Z. KARKOWSKI; lim. 300 2014 €13.00
1980-1982 CD Nowhere Worldwide - The Epoche Collection Vol. 4 fourth release in FRANCISCO LOPEZ own new label-series: earliest sound experiments done with walkman recorders and cheap cassette players in the early 80's in Madrid; 'the most essential tools are spiritual, not technical'; first ed. of 300 copies 2015 €14.00
La Selva. Sound Environments from a Neotropical Rain Forest. etched LP/USB Sub Rosa SRV346 one of LOPEZ most beloved / famous recordings (rainforest on Costa Rica) is finally back in print => as it was impossible to bring it in a complete form onto vinyl, the here included vinyl is EMPTY, therefore a USB audiocard is added with the full audio ("The Ultimate Mix"); LA SELVA is maybe the most intense djungle recording ever made, a different kind of 'absolute music'... numbered ed. 500 copies, signed by FRANCISCO LOPEZ 2015 €18.00
Untitled # 274 CD Important Records IMPREC 415 48 min. long, intense 'absolute music' composition performed on "BassComputer" by KASPAR T. TOEPLITZ: throbbing bass pulses and multi-layered hissings and sibilances developing into ecstatic structures...this is as far away from 'normal music' as it could be... 2015 €15.00
Untitled # 300 LP TAIGA Records TAIGA 30 new LOPEZian composition based on multi-track field recordings of a large colony of SEAGULLS and hydrophonic capturing of sea and underwater creatures from the same location (coast of Morocco, 2011) processed digitally in an unusual way after; lim. 300 black vinyl - nice textured cover 2015 €26.00
Anima Ardens CD Sub Rosa SR425 ANIMA ARDENS is the soundtrack for a dance choreography by THIERRY SMITS, performed by his company THOR in Brussels.. (years ago he created CORPS(E)-with music by NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES!!) => the 73 min. soundtrack develops slowly into realms of abstract drones, extreme frequencies, field recordings and silence, to support the trance-like practises of the 11 naked (male) dancers, reaching an altered state of their bodies & releasing a liberating space... phantastic stuff!! 2016 €13.00
Untitled (2012-2014) do-CD Purple Soil - purplesoil 008 a great collection of 16 pieces (better: micro-worlds) with different backgrounds, sound sources and concepts, the ideal introduction into the extreme "pure" soundworlds of the Spanish biologist and composer, always working with self-captured environmental sounds from nature or objects, or raw material of others... his 'absolute music' may lead to 'absolute listening', where a new consciousness begins... "almost like the ego death of a psychedelic experience" [Russel Cuzner, The Quietus] 2017 €15.00