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COLLEY, JOE / CRAWL UNIT - Waste of Songs

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ORAL CD 12
Release Year: 2006
Note: back in stock this great album of unique "broken ambient drone" - songs of broken & dying equipment
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Sieben neue Stcke mit COLLEYs "broken ambient drone", sehr direkt und nah die wellenden Teppiche, Knirschen & Knacken sind allgegenwrtig in dieser Welt, extremes Multi-Phasen-Gesirre verwirrt die Sinne...die Klnge hier sollen v.a. von kaputten und beschdigtem Equipment stammen, und das charakterisiert auch diese besondere ART der Drone-Musik. Ex CRAWL UNIT auf dem Montrealer Label von ERIC MATTSON.

"It's been Joe Colley for some time now and as such he is quite active as a recording artists (solo, but also in collaboration with say people like Francisco Lopez and Jason Lescalleet), performing around the world, and putting up sound installations. His work got recognition at Ars Electronica and Transmediale (but I wonder who would care about that really?). Colley is a man who loves the sound of decay. Things that are on the fringe of being broken beyond repair find a good place in his hands. The last breath of something electrical is in good hands with him. All to easily you could think that Colley deals with 'just' noise. Not so at all. He is also a man who loves drones - how he conceives them is not really of great importance, certainly not through a laptop, but he has them. These two ends, the drones and the noise, may seem opposites but be assured they are in very capable hands. The opening piece 'Bruise Voltage And Field Error' is a loud beast of a broken contact microphone choir and cable hum. 'The Last Audience' closes the CD with a heavy drone piece that could almost be derived from feedback, but it stays away from the real noise bursts. In between the journey went through various stages, various moods (not all that negative, which seems to hover around his work) and various forms. Joe Colley's music is an unique blend of highly intelligent noise, blending the harsh end with the more soft side, but always remains listenable. From his solo work this is perhaps the best so far." [FdW/Vital Weekly]

"A tightly edited journey through states of mental duress and negative reactions to an environment. Sounds of broken or dying equipment, devices pushed to their limits, attempts to coax out spontaneous reactions from feedback and cheap electronics." [label info]