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Hive mCD Ferns Recordings ferns_rhizome _03 mCD-gatefold cover (fullcolour), third in this nice series / lim. 500 2006 €8.00
Waste of Songs CD ORAL CD 12 back in stock this great album of unique "broken ambient drone" - songs of broken & dying equipment 2006 €14.00
Disasters of Self 3 x LP-Box C.I.P. CIP022LP Drone Records artist (DR-28, 1998) JOE COLLEY (aka CRAWL UNIT) is finally back with this massive boxset, all new material ! Silver embossed, diverse inlays, numb. ed. 500 copies 2010 €45.00
No Way In LP Glistening Examples GLEX1604 after a long release break (4 years) Drone Rec. artists JOE COLLEY (aka CRAWL UNIT) is back, two side-long pieces of his ever captivating electro-mechanic drones.."Armed with ancient electronic utensils, the artist explores a sort of lonely existentialism, dolefully framing the absurdity of life between carefully placed textured fields of drone, arrays of clatter and shards of radio static." lim. 400 clear vinyl, poly-lined inner-sleeves, download code 2016 €27.50