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LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) - Any Day Now / The Secrets

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Trademark of Quantity
Release Year: 2010
Note: re-found recordings from 1987 (the last ones ever made in Great Britain!), unheard sessions, ideas, miniatures, and a demo of "True Love"
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00
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"From 1987 and the last recordings made by the band on British soil. A real find in a box of dusty cassettes. Unheard sessions, ideas, miniatures and a colossal demo of "True love". Sound has been lovingly enhanced as we want it to be more than a document." [label info]


"Another release from the archives of The Legendary Pink Dots, harking back to 1987. A cross road year for the Dots. They already released a bunch of cassettes an vinyl and decided to go professional. They moved to Amsterdam and then later to Nijmegen. The recordings on 'Any Day Now Secrets' were the last they made in on UK soil. It was, I must admit, a time I didn't hear much Pink Dots. I got stuck with cassette releases and my financial limitations prevented me to get all the vinyl. I got 'Any Day Now' later on CD, but its not a record that I know that well as say 'The Lovers' or, later 'The Maria Dimension'. I dug it out again to play, along with these unearthed pieces from the sessions. The music is largely instrumental here and show the great craftmanship of the Pink Dots. These nine pieces have a great drive to them. Psychedelic of course and electronic for sure, but its also light of tone, with a bumping piano in 'Adrenalin', great arpeggio's in the opening piece, or that great rhythmic and melancholia in 'Shiver Me Timbres', or just melancholic in 'Engeltje' (which Dutch title forecasts their future in the Netherlands?). Some pieces are mere ideas but this is another fine look in the working methods of a great band. Hopefully with more to come!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]