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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD Caciocavallo CAD 20 CD-version of LP from 1990 1990 €13.00
Sterre maxi-CD SPV Poland SPV 056-150133cds 4-track EP 1997 €7.50
Under triple moons CD ROIR RUSCD8231 collection of cassette-only tracks 1980-1984 1997 €14.00
Pre-Millenial Single maxiCD Soleilmoon SOL 74   1998 €8.50
Pre-Millenial Single 12inch Soleilmoon SOL 74   1998 €12.00
Chemical Playschool 11, 12, 13 3 x CD BOX Caciocavallo CAD 3 back in stock this nice box with three albums in the almost mythical C.P. series, which usually shows LPD in their most visionary, experimental, hallucinogenic mood... no track indexes included as this should be listened as an "audio adventure" in one go....comes with 12 page booklet in big cardboard box, each Cd with own jewel-case & cover 2001 €32.00
Four Days CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0062 mid-price re-issue of the MC from 1990 2001 €11.50
Shadow Weaver CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0052 mid-price re-issue of the album from 1992; cover-artwork by Zdzislaw Beksinski, incl. booklet with lyrics in polish & english 2001 €11.50
All the King's Horses CD Caciocavallo CAD 28 very song-oriented album, inspired by the 9-11 occurences; the sister album to "All the King's Men" comes with a 16p booklet 2002 €13.50
All the King's Men CD ROIR RUSCD8278   2002 €14.00
Asylum CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0082 mid-price re-issue of the album from 1985 with new artwork 2002 €11.50
Curse CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0112 mid-price re-issue of the legendary second LPD LP from 1983, new artwork by Z. Beksinski 2002 €11.50
Island of Jewels CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0092 mid-price re-issue of the album from 1986 with new artwork 2002 €11.50
Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2) CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0122 mid-price re-issue of the album from 1991 with new artwork by Z. BEKSINSKI 2002 €11.50
The Lovers CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0102 mid-price re-issue of this great early LPD album from 1984; as a bonus we find here the CURIOUS GUY 12" from 1986 with two long tracks; new artwork 2002 €11.50
Prayer for Aradia CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0142 re-issue of the MC from 1982 with bonus-material, limited ed. 2003 €13.00
Live at La Luna DVD Soleilmoon Recordings DVD -version of 1998-video 2004 €14.00
Poppy variations CD Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA 15 / Beta-lactam Ring Records digipack 2004 €14.00
The Whispering Wall CD ROIR RUSCD 8286 Elf neue Stcke, aufgenommen im Mrz 2004, insgesamt eher melancholisch, ruhig & poetisch, aber wie immer auch mit obskuren Tracks dazwischen, mit den typischen bittersweeten Lyrics. 2004 €14.00
A Perfect Mystery CD Big Blue 8483413 mid-price re-issue of the album from 2000; incl. cardboard slipcase 2006 €11.50
Ancient Daze CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt121a earliest LPD material recorded, 1980-1981 ! gatefold cover, oversized 2006 €13.00
Faces in the Fire CD Big Blue 8483414 mid-price re-issue of the album from 1984; incl. cardboard slipcase & new artwork 2006 €11.50
Your Children placate you from their premature Graves CD ROIR RUSCD 8299 25th anniversary studio album 2006 €14.00
Paris 20 December 2007 CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope / Trademark of Quantity left over copies from rare concert only live CDR for the last USA tour, with some early versions of "Plutonium Blonde" songs, handmade cardboard-cover. 2008 €14.00
Plutonium Blonde CD ROIR RUSCD 8305 NEW material rec. 2007 & 2008 ! 2008 €13.00
Brighter Now CD Big Blue Records 8483474 re-issue of the very first LPD album from 1982, with new artwork from Z. BEKSINSKI 2009 €12.50
Human Radio CD-R Trademark of Quantity live in Amsterdam 14.05.2002; little handmade cover, on the LPD-label, probably somehow limited 2009 €13.50
The Maria Sessions CD-R Trademark of Quantity companion recordings (studio) to the "Maria Dimension" album, all unreleased so far; little handmade cover, on the LPD-label, probably somehow limited 2009 €13.50
Seconds late for the Brighton Line CD ROIR RUSCD 8317 30th Anniversary Album! The dots are currently on a North America tour and return after the leaving of long time members NIELS VAN HOORN & MARTIJN DE KLEER with an incredible strong album; very emotional, more electronic & reduced as before... 2010 €13.00
Paris in the Fall DVD Soleilmoon Recordings SDVD 8 LPD live in Paris Nov. 2009 - professionally filmed..."Imagine a club packed like sardines in a can and three cameras hovering over the throng. Possibly LPDs finest, and most intense, visual document so far" (say LPD) ! 2011 €14.00
Chemical Playschool 15 CD Rustblade RBL037 after more than 10 years NEW recordings for the mythical "Chemical Playschool"-series; "Songs, labyrinths, and colours so vivid you'll never wash them out of your mind" 2012 €14.00
The Creature that tasted Sound CD-R Trademark of Quantity new studio-material (4 long tracks), more experimental / surrealistic / ear-play like psycho-active trips, featuring "Premonition 34" 2012 €13.50
10 to the Power of 9 - Vol. 1 LP Rustblade RBLLP004 concept album about 'conspiracy theories, magic & spirituality', a dark psychedelic trip... lim. 499 pink (non-transparent) vinyl 2014 €23.50
Chemical Playschool Vol. 16 & 18 do-CDR Terminal Kaleidoscope / LPD self released the Chemical Playschool-series, the PINK DOTS outlet for their most experimental, dreamlike, surrealistic side, continues with these four long studio recordings from 2014...lim. 299 copies, self-released by LPD 2014 €18.00
10 to the Power of 9 (special ed.) 2 x CD bag Rustblade RBL046BOX collectors item - a special CD edition that contains both parts of this concept album about 'conspiracy theories, magic & spirituality'; lim. 99 comes in nice velvet cloth BAG with glow in the dark pin, postcard and extra mCD with two bonus tracks !!! 2015 €40.00
10 to the Power of 9 - Vol. 2 LP Rustblade RBLLP006 concept album about 'conspiracy theories, magic & spirituality', a dark psychedelic trip - the second part! 'Minimal synths, guitars, syncopated rhythms that are making weird, psychedelic and transcendental noises which are of course accompanied by the distinctive voice of Ka-Spel' - lim. 499, mint-marbled vinyl 2015 €22.50
Synesthesia do-LP Norton North MMXIV-II first ever vinyl re-issue of this album from 2002, which was at that time a kind of companion release to "Chemical Playschool 11-13" (2001); excellent artwork (silver-black printed gatefold) & fourth bonus side with rare live versions; lim. 600 2015 €28.00
Taos Hum LP Brudenia LPD-2 first proper issue of this great dark electro-psychedelic LPD album (with folky elements) from 2013 (released before only as limited Cassette & CDR); hard to find Russian release, lim. 350 copies & inlay, beautiful cover & on heavy vinyl 2015 €23.00
A Scented Candle LP Noise Noise Noise Records 002 rare RSD 2016 release on a small US label, 4 new highly introspective tracks recorded 2015, lim./numb.400 copies with inlay 2016 €25.00
Festive 2 x CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) ultra rare release for their North America tour in Autumn 2016, collecting all 'seasonal' releases by LPD so far, which means the 'Christmas Specials' and 'Halloween Specials' 2013-2015, all with exclusive material.... 8 tracks in total, issued in 2 handmade cardboard sleeves, edition of 99 copies; we could grab very few and these are definitely the last ones 2016 €25.00
Pages of Aquarius do-LP Metropolis MET 1016 finally enough copies in stock of the vinyl version with exklusive / epic bonus track "The Weight of Water" (16 min.) on Side D, the new "major" release by LPD: "Even if you've never bought a Pink Dots record before, this is a progressive, provocative and ultimately positive statement about the world we're all living in today." [The Quietus] 2016 €26.00
Pages of Aquarius CD Metropolis MET 1016 CD version of the latest "major" release by LPD: "Even if you've never bought a Pink Dots record before, this is a progressive, provocative and ultimately positive statement about the world we're all living in today." [The Quietus] 2016 €15.00
The Seismic Bleats of Quantum Sheep LP Abstrakce ABST001 the 'secret" sister album to "Five Days", recorded in Spring 2015, lim. 300 copies only! "Extremely Kaleidoscopic and as far out as the Dots may have gone in their history" [Edward Ka-Spel] 2016 €19.50
From here you'll watch the World go by do-LP Rustblade RBLLP019 first ever viny re-issue of this album from 1995 (Staalplaat / Soleilmoon), now with 5 (!) bonus tracks on Side D ; "moving from noir jazz and grand psychedelic ballads to sophisticated space rock, the charismatic voice of Ka-Spel floats and teases as only his can...." lim. 499 copies 2017 €28.50