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KA-SPEL, EDWARD - Painted River of Regrets

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-lactam Ring Records mt169
Release Year: 2009
Note: lim. 500 full colour book bound sleeve (heavy vinyl); vinyl version of the CD-R from last year (TeKa label)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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Mit "Painted River of Regrets" hat EDWARD KA-SPEL zwei wunderbare Stcke mit mysteriser, man knnte schon fast sagen verwunschener Ambience geschaffen. Immer wieder tauchen in dieser bedchtigen, aber irgendwie halluzinogen wirkenden Traumwelt, in der die Uhren rckwrts zu laufen scheinen, einzelne Piano-Elemente auf sowie kleinste elektronische Minimalismen & Melodien...
"A delirious voyage to a melancholy corner of the universe" [TeKa]

"Issued as an edition of 500 copies in a full color book bound sleeve with 180 gram vinyl. 3 Decades of sound tracking the secret psychedeli-sphere has found Edward scoring an imaginary film. Edwards music for the movie flows with measured, stygian force; the groaning rises punctuated by that old black magic that only Ka-Spel can conjure with the smallest of sounds permeating every wave. Loops trill and sigh within virtuoso keyboard cameos. A myriad of miniature minuets thread backwards and beneath the main thematic pulses. Edwards dark ambience is non-ambivalent, however, which gives it a lifes breath beyond the realm of film music. The album certainly generates excitement as to what images might accompany such a skewed, sonic construction. But no movie is needed to find prophet from these starry sounds." [label info]


"This was first released in 2008 on CDR (on the LPD label Trademark of Quantity - a wordplay on the famous 70's bootleg label Trademark of Quality) and was sold via mailorder. However, the recordings were considered to be so good that they needed a wider audience. And this is true; when I first heard the original CDR I was very moved by the music. A far, far cry from Ka-Spel's earlier more lyrical/song-cycle that was the China Doll series (Eyes! China Doll, Dance China Doll, Laugh China Doll, Chyekk China Doll, Aazhyd China Doll and Khataclimichi China Doll) and even the later more song/experimental mixed albums (say Blue Room, Red Letters or A Long Red Ladder To The Moon), this new album is purely instrumental and doesn't contain even a hint of a song. And all for the better because with basically simple means (synthesizer and environmental recordings) Ka-Spel creates a utterly beautiful soundscape that is intimate yet dynamic and which sounds like one coherent piece. Never falling back on the old trick that is noise, never dull, always intriguing and soothing, this is his best album in years. It feels like Ka-Spel is in total control of his craft, putting his emotions in the music. He does not need clichs to make his point. Even though I am the first to admit I have a very weak spot for his song-based records of the 80's (like Eyes! China Doll), this is amazing music and comes with the highest recommendation. Packed in a strong carton sleeve with colorful art by label-boss Chris McBeth 500 copies of this beauty are available." [FK / Vital Weekly]