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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Lyvv, China Doll CD Staalplaat S.T.CD 060 a collection of studio-material from the original LYVV MC (1990) plus other (at times very experimental) outtakes, 21 tracks in total; now hard to find KA-SPEL album from 1993 back in stock ! 1993 €14.50
The Textures of Illumina 10inch The Bog bog001 warehouse found - last copies back in stock of this 4-track EP showing the LPD frontman in a 'strange mood', with sparsely eletronically instrumented, quite experimental pieces, and the excellent dark "The Train to Never"... comes with inlay 1995 €12.00
The Blue Room CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 087 CD-version, incl. 12p booklet 1998 €13.00
Caste O' Graye Skreeens CD CHI 01CD / World Serpent contains the long one-tracker "Our Captain's Eyes" (53+ min); last copies, still sealed 2001 €13.00
Pieces of 8 CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt082a digipack 2004 €13.00
Burning Church maxi-CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt214 the rare bonus maxi-CD of "Dream Logik Pt. 2" special ed. - contains a 18+ min. version of the title piece, a slow droning dark psychedelic mantra... lim. 400 2008 €10.00
Dream Loops CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt230a Godspeed Mom! A special release to raise funds for the medical treatment of Jeanine, Chris Mc. Beths mother, to assist in her fight against stomach cancer; all profits from the sales of this CD will be donated to her! full album with new material, oversized hardcover 2009 €15.00
O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt048b CD-version of the album from 2002 which was only available on vinyl so far; comes in oversized gatefold-design 2009 €14.00
Painted River of Regrets LP Beta-lactam Ring Records mt169 lim. 500 full colour book bound sleeve (heavy vinyl); vinyl version of the CD-R from last year (TeKa label) 2009 €17.50
Trapped in Amber LP Plinkity Ploink PLINK25 two side-long tracks; entirely instrumental; lim. ed. (350 copies) w. silkscreen-cover (orange on grey) designed by R. ZUYDERVELT (MACHINEFABRIEK); BACK IN STOCK LAST COPIES ! 2009 €16.00
The Minus Touch CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt240a new 8-track studio album feat. ALENA BOYKOVA, comes in full-colour gatefold-sleeve & inlay 2010 €14.00 CD-R Trademark of Quantity new studio-material (6 tracks) recorded between 11.-14. Nov. 2011, very song-oriented, dark & sad stuff, feat. a new version of "Poppy Day"; lim. ed. on LPDs own label !! 2012 €13.50
Ghost Logik CD Rustblade RBL035 EDWARD KA-SPEL is celebrating the Irrational again with a captivating new album, very dreamlike & psychedelic... "a voyage into the most hidden recesses of the subconscious mind" 2012 €15.00
Tanith and the Lion Tree CD Cold Spring Records CSR171CD re-mastered re-issue of this beautiful KA-SPEL solo-album from 1991 (Third Mind Rec.) - comes with 3 bonus tracks not on the original CD 2012 €12.50
Fire Island CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope / LPD self-released NEW studio material recorded Januar 2013 (7 tracks, 46+ minutes), very song-oriented, but these are songs from an intermediate world.. full-colour, hand-assembled cover with two inlays, limited to only 399 copies !! 2013 €13.50
One last Pose before the Ruin CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt179a surely one of the oddest and most apocalyptic albums from EDWARD KA-SPEL we ever encountered - revealing bleak & endless synth drones and reverbations, vintage analog synths, a slowed down spoken narrrator voice & handplayed percussion, this creates a truly special / unique / disturbing atmosphere which still shares much beauty... - a very special KA-SPEL album; CD version lim. 500 with silkscreen 6 panel / cardboard case 2013 €14.00
One last Pose before the Ruin MC Beta-lactam Ring Records mt179 rare MC version of this album - lim. 50 copies only 2013 €11.00
Ghost Logik 2 CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope / LPD self released EDWARD KA-SPEL is celebrating the Irrational again - second part of this very dreamlike & ghostly ambient journey.. "a voyage into the most hidden recesses of the subconscious mind"; lim. 199 copies 2014 €13.50
This Saturated Land CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) digital album from 2012 now available as self-issued CD-R release, with three additional bonus tracks; "Composed and recorded over 5 days in the rainiest July I can remember. A slow sinking into an ocean that ultimately reclaims all." [E. Ka-spel] edition of 199 - handmade cover art with insert 2015 €14.00
Spectrescapes 3 CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) ultra rare release issued for the LPD North America tour in Autumn 2016: Spectrescapes 3 is a long one-tracker that contains 'Spectrescapes 13 to 16'; comes in handmade cardboard sleeve designed by the artist, edition of 99 copies; we could grab very few and these are definitely the last ones (sold out at the band!) 2016 €16.00
The Byte of Spring CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released)   2016 €14.00