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LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) - The Maria Sessions

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Trademark of Quantity
Release Year: 2009
Note: companion recordings (studio) to the "Maria Dimension" album, all unreleased so far; little handmade cover, on the LPD-label, probably somehow limited
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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"Back in 1991 , every note played by the Dots was captured on a tape recorder which was literally never switched off.Some of the more inspired improvisations were worked on and turned into songs which found their way on the Maria dimension album.
This CDR captures the very best of those sessions and features some of the most wonderful guitar work from Bob Pistoor that you'll ever hear.A perfect companion release to Maria Dimension itself, this literally brought tears to our eyes when we played the finished version recently.Highly highly recommended- everything unreleased and unheard outside the Dots." [label info]


"A celebration that somehow escaped me, which of course I should be ashamed of forgetting: this year The Legendary Pink Dots exist thirty years and that means an interesting archeological sound dig. Three CDRs of material, two by the band and one by the two main actors of the band, Edward Ka-spel and The Silverman. Maybe I told this story before, but in the early to mid-80s I was a big Pink Dots fan, as their tracks on compilation cassettes stood out from the amorph industrial music that was usually served. They had a rock sound that was still experimental, with tape cut ups and collages of sound. When they started to release records, and played more regular songs my interest disappeared a bit, but when I got 'The Maria Dimension' in 1991 I was blown away by those great songs and to this date I think this album is the one to get, if you only just want one. I believe its their best selling album. On 'The Maria Sessions' we get to hear how this material was born, shaped and finished.
The band was four then: Ka-spel, The Silverman, Niels van Hoorn and Bob Pistoor and each in a corner, they created their music spontaneously, which was recorded onto a cassette. To many this was the band's best line-up (me included, although I think the absence of violin is still to be regretted). Listening to these four lengthy pieces, one hardly recognizes any of what would later become the songs of the album, but in the first part the electronics swirl around. Coming from all four corners, guitar and saxophone included, its a great ambient piece. In the second part the rhythm plays a big role and Pistoor's guitar howls away. The last two pieces combine both ends and make a great album. As said, trainspotters won't be able to recognize any of the songs, but these edits (keep that in mind - this is not the complete session material, but edited highlights) show a great instrumental Pink Dots work. Not unlike 'Four Days', which was recorded in the same years." [FdW / Vital Weekly]