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FOARM MAGAZINE - No. 5 : Autonomy (incl. CD)

Format: book & CD
Label & Cat.Number: FOARM ISSN # 1544-9068
Release Year: 2007
Note: 156 pages book with mainly sound-art related articles & poetry about the theme "Autonomy", feat. ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, GIANCARLO TONIUTTI, ARSENIJE JOVANOVIC (also on the CD), FRANCISCO LOPEZ, JOHN DUNCAN, LIONEL MARCHETTI, MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER and many more, on the CD: BARBARA HELD, JONAS BAES, JOSE MACEDA, MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER, A. JOVANOVIC. Published by SETH NEHIL and others. Recommended!
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"We are very excited to present FO A RM no. 5, a special sound-art issue with an exclusive full-length CD complimenting the writings. FO A RM 5 (Autonomy) is an examination of sound and freedom, a look at how artists and audiences take responsibility for their place in the world. Topic editor and composer Michael J. Schumacher asks - How can we save ourselves from the undermining forces of commercialization and homogenization by using the system in place, but returning as little as possible to it ? From a variety of perspectives along the fringes, we probe this question and raise many others. Including a special section on the great Filipino composer Jose Maceda, with rare writings and scores - an in-depth interview with Serbian radio artist Arsenije Jovanovic - writings by sound artists Giancarlo Toniutti, Francisco Lopez, Achim Wollscheid and John Duncan - notes on improvisation by Michael Bullock - a probe into musical autonomy in the armed forces - writings on sound installation by physicist Luis Lopez with composer Barbara Held - a profile of Diapason sound gallery (NYC) and the Berwick Research Institute (Boston) - a poetic essay by musique concrete composer Lionel Marchetti - the early scores of Robert Ashley examined by avant-garde cellist Alex Waterman - experimental poetry by Paolo Javier, Steven Zultanski and Travis Nichols - art by Jan Anderzen - and much more ! PLUS, in collaboration with Sedimental Records, an amazing 80-minute CD with music by Jonas Baes, Barbara Held, Arsenije Jovanovic, Jose Maceda and Michael J. Schumacher !" [publishing house info]