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No. 4 : Topography (includes full CD by P. NIBLOCK!) book & CD FO A RM 144p. book w. articles & poetry about topography from MARC BEHRENS, ERIC LA CASA, PHILL NIBLOCK, JEAN-LUC GUIONNET, SETH CLUETT, and many more.... plus full CD "Ghosts and Others" by NIBLOCK. english language. very much recommended !! 2005 €15.00
No. 5 : Autonomy (incl. CD) book & CD FOARM ISSN # 1544-9068 156 pages book with mainly sound-art related articles & poetry about the theme "Autonomy", feat. ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, GIANCARLO TONIUTTI, ARSENIJE JOVANOVIC (also on the CD), FRANCISCO LOPEZ, JOHN DUNCAN, LIONEL MARCHETTI, MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER and many more, on the CD: BARBARA HELD, JONAS BAES, JOSE MACEDA, MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER, A. JOVANOVIC. Published by SETH NEHIL and others. Recommended! 2007 €17.50