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OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Electronic Works

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Paradigm PD04
Release Year: 1997
Note: the very early sound-experiments by the legendary sound-artist & feminist! "I of IV" (1966), "Big mother is watching you" (1966), "Bye Bye Butterfly" (1965)
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Legendre Soundtftlerin mit intensiven Experimental-Aufnahmen von 1965 & 1966! Effektierte Sinuswellen, Tape-Bearbeitungen, pure Sounds aus der Frhzeit der elektronischen Musik.

"I of IV was made in July 1966 at the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio and was first released by CBS alongside works by 2 other young composers - 'Come out' by Steve Reich and 'Night music' by Richard Maxfield. It is really only in recent years (born out of the more radical elements of dance music, Electronica and ambient music) that music like this is being rediscovered by a growing number of people interested in all manner of experimental Electronics. Track 2 was also made in the summer of 1966 at the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio, and track 3 was made at the San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1965. The 3 pieces on this CD are all live experiments, which at the simplest level use either an array of oscillators or filters, a mixer and one spool of tape feeding a series of (variously set up) stereo tape machines. Long delay lines, pile ups of noise and rich sonorities are the stuff of this music. The third piece also samples a chunk of Pucini's 'Madame Butterfly', which only makes this music seem even more contemporary." [label notes]