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LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) - Plutonium Blonde

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ROIR RUSCD 8305
Release Year: 2008
Note: NEW material rec. 2007 & 2008 !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS haben mit PLUTONIUM BLONDE, dem Nachfolger von "Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves" von 2006 ihr kommerziellstes Album vorgelegt. Frontmann Edward-Ka-Spel und seine Crew lassen den Hrer mit ppigen und packenden Songs auf eine Reise gehen, der sich die Vorstellungskraft nicht entziehen kann. ,A World With No Mirrors" ist genau so wunderschn und emotional aufgeladen wie jeder Song von BELLE&SEBASTIAN, whrend ,My First Zonee" sich mit der narzisstischen Liebe zur modernen Technologie auseinandersetzt. ,An Arm&A Leg" ist eine Erinnerung an den anflligen Ist-Zustand unserer mentalen und physischen Gesundheit. ,Plutonium Blonde" ist mehr als nur ein Album; es ist ein wahrer Leckerbissen fr Augen und Ohren; eine Sammlung von Geschichten, die ohne Probleme von der modernen Version der Gebrder Grimm htte geschrieben werden knnen. Fr Fans von SYD BARRETT, SKINNY PUPPY, NICK DRAKE und den Fellini Filmen. // The Legendary Pink Dots have created their most commercially appealing album to date with Plutonium Blonde, the follow up to 2006s Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves. Frontman Edward Ka-Spel and his crew capture the listeners imagination with lush and haunting songs. A World with No Mirrors is as beautiful and emotionally charged as any Belle & Sebastian song, while My First Zonee comments upon our narcissistic love affair with modern technology. An Arm & A Leg reminds us of the fragile state of our mental and physical health. Plutonium Blonde is more than just an album; its an aural and visual treat, a collection of stories that could have very well been written by a modern day Brothers Grimm." [press release]

"It's been over a quarter of a century now that the Legendary Pink Dots have been unleashing their dark and brooding psychedelic spaced out sounds and they've somehow managed to maintain a seriously strong cult following despite being ignored by much of the underground music establishment (they've pretty much always been ignored by Wire magazine ferinstance). While we can't say we've stayed up to date with all of their recent output, Plutonium Blonde grabbed our attention in a BIG way from our very first listen and we've since been spending lots of time with its languid and melancholic sounds. Such a perfect blissed out Sunday night record to put on when you have nowhere to go and all you want to do is melt into the couch and daydream. Edward Ka- Spel sounds as iconic as ever and this really does sound like the Dots at their best, creating moody and dramatic songs that remind us of later period Coil covering mid-'70s Pink Floyd. Really nice!" [Aquarius Records review]

"Even though it's been out for a little while, nothing has appeared in the Vital pages about the new Legendary Pink Dots CD. This omission is duly corrected here. In the 80s the Dots' music was very important to me. When the line up of Edward, Phil, Barry Gray, Jason Salmon, Graham Whitehead and Patrick Wright exploded in the late 80s, their music changed considerably. And how could it be otherwise? New members were employed and a new course was set. The Dots created The Maria Dimension, which gained them a whole new audience ready to accompany the band on their new journey. They kind of lost me during that journey, even though I think 1994's Nine Lives to Wonder is among the very best of their records. Now we have the new CD Plutonium Blonde on ROIR, which is causing quite a stir among Dots-lovers. Openers Torch Song and Rainbows Too? are based on rhythm loops featuring crunchy guitars, keyboards and saxophones added. They are nice to listen to, but not remarkable or special. A World With No Mirrors is therefore a welcome change with just Ka-Spel's singing, guitars and flute. You either love or hate My First Zonee; an upbeat singalong with deliberately silly lyrics. And then something very interesting happens; somehow the atmosphere of the album completely changes when the utterly beautiful Faded Photograph starts. A slow song with vocoder looping, great lyrics and an interesting end (did I hear echo's of the "hokus pokus" intro from Flowers For The Silverman?). Spoken Word opens with, as one can suspect, spoken word, which is something Ka-Spel's voice is utterly suited for. Add a nice background of small bleeps and bloops ending in an almost early 80's (more echoes) rhythm box song. Mailman with its surprise banjo playing is another lovely small song. At 2.33 this is one of the shorter tracks on the album. Oceans Blue, with its reversed sounds and spoken word, could easily be from one of the early Dots cassettes. The playing is delicate and reflective. Savannah Red is more rhythmic, almost gamelan, and a brief interlude to the closing track Cubic Caesar, which is another beautiful, reflective song with nice guitar playing. This is almost like an album with two faces; out of the first 4 songs, 3 sound somehow out of place. The rest of the album is a fascinating and true return to a form. At 55+ minutes, I personally feel the album could have benefitted from some editing (no prizes for guessed which tracks). This is the best album the Dots have made in years." [Freek Kinkelaar / Vital Weekly]