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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Elevator Bath eeaoa051
Release Year: 2008
Note: cardboard cover, lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Absolute konkrete Musik", hier basierend auf field recordings die LOPEZ im Winter auf einer kleinen Insel machte, wir vermeinen Feuer & Tierlaute zu hren im Mix, aber es kann auch tuschen; ultratiefe Drones wummern und Wind-artige Klangstrahlen zischen vorbei, wie so oft schwerlich zu beschreiben aber die Stimmung ist absolut einnehmend!

"Elevator Bath is immensely proud to present this exquisite new work from one of the major figures of contemporary experimental music.
"Lopez Island" was crafted from original environmental sound matter recorded in Lopez Island during the Winter of 1999-2000. The
resulting composition is 51 minutes of both delicate minutiae as well as startling power - crackling, howling, and haunting. The small
island in Washington state provided the beautiful, isolated terrain for Lopez' gathering of raw sounds and, as a personal audio document (though clearly beyond mere documentary), the landscape has been
expertly translated. A quintessentially chilling interpretation of the winter beach, "Lopez Island" is a worthy addition to Lopez' exemplary body of absolute concrete music and, indeed, one of his finest works to date.
Packaged inside two elegant printed sleeves of 100% recycled paper, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of 500 copies." [label info]