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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Fucking Whore Society LP Eternal Soul ES LP03 lim. 399 copies in gatefold-cover, with poster & sticker and a bonus-track 2009 €17.50
Fucking Whore Society CD Cyclic Law 25th Circle CD-version of the actual album; gets a price for some of the most ugly cover-photos ever used ! Comes in the typical Cyclic Law design (oversized cardboard cover) 2009 €14.00
Karjalasta Kajahtaa CD Cyclic Law 8th Cycle re-press of third album from 2004; comes in oversized gatefold-sleeve 2010 €13.00
Want you Dead CD Cyclic Law 74th Cycle six years after the last album ("Fucking Whore Society") Swedens maybe most provocating "martial industrial" project is back.. 'pounding metallic percussions, deep angst ridden atmospheric passages and all is held together by Make Pesonenĺs angrier than ever vocals." 8 tracks, 42 min playtime, blowing away all preprogrammed mis-conceptions in your poor brain again ! 2015 €14.00