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Spectral Metabolism CD Kaos Kontrol KK 012 first real album for this early project with ANTTI HAAPAPURO (HALO MANASH, ARKTAU EOS, etc.); processed field recordings are transformed into deepest abysmal sounds... oversized carboard cover 2005 €13.00
From gOLDem flesh to silverb ONE CD Aural Hypnox [AHSM05] re-issue of I.CORAX (the project of Antti Haapapuro [HALO MANASH, etc.] and Jaakko Vanhala [also in ARKTAU AON, ZOT-AON] third official release from 2003, recorded 'live' in the studio preparing for a live show, using analogue synths, hypno sampling loops, manipulated field recordings, horns made of animals bones & voice material to create a special experimental 'aural alchemy'... lim. 500 silk-screen cardboard cover with three inserts and four panel booklet, lim. 500 2014 €13.00
Kuilu CD Aural Hypnox - Stellar Mansion Series [AHSM06] live March 2002 in Oulu (Finland) - the first ever live performance of I.CORAX, and what a performance it was - eerie drones, all kinds of ritualistic loops (animal & human voices, percussion, etc..), otherwordly winds & breaths... lim. 500 cardboard cover with special design & 3 printed inserts cards and four panel booklet 2014 €13.00
The Cadaver Pulse I: Sealed in a radiant larval Maelstrom CD Aural Hypnox [AHSM02] re-issue of the ultra-rare debut release from 2003 - archaic ambience from Finland based mainly on many processed field recordings and natural sounds from animals, etc.. with additional wind & bowed instruments and human voice a kind of eerie "harsh drone" & dark pulsating ambience is created... the overall effect is similar to old URE THRALL / ASIA NOVA works... lim. 500 in lovely silk-screened violet cardboard 'box' with 5 printed inlays and booklet 2014 €13.00
The Cadaver Pulse II: Mothelix Liquescent CD Aural Hypnox [AHSM03] re-issue of the second CADAVER PULSE-part from 2003 with lots of spiraling sounds, which excited us on its release so much: "analogue sounding dark ambience, very waving & gloomy harmonic, with very interesting higher sounds & effects which give it a very trancy & secret atmosphere.. RECOMMENDED for noisy dark ambient lovers"; lim. 500, comes with silk-screened cardboard cover, printed inlays & booklet 2014 €13.00