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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
same (-Psychodrome Zoom-) MC Spogha MC with early HUM-recordings 1997-2000, back in stock ! (C-60) 2000 €7.00
Ether Rider (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-70 lim. 300 2004 €6.50  
Caldron of winds mCD-R Taalem alm47 one-tracker 2007 €5.00
Flesh of the Soul CD QUAG twenty two after many self-released CDRs and Cassettes this is the first proper CD by the Russian drone project and beloved Drone Records artist, presenting here 9 mantric drone meditations that are winding around the listener in a very subtle & almost imperceptible way, lulling you into a deep trance.. music like secretful whispers of nature, like the revealed singing of the ether.... dark but not depressive, and full of emotional depth; lim.300 2007 €13.00
The Spectral Ship 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-08 two great new pieces by this russian artist, most sensible & emotional drone-ambience, a graceful dance of acoustic reflections & resonances; edition of 500 on silver-coloured vinyl, full colour sleeve design by DANIEL CROKAERT / MYSTERY SEA !! 2008 €12.00