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Le Voyage LP Doxy Music DOZ424 work from 1962, based on the 'Tibetan Book of Dead', two years after he founded the first private studio for electronic music in France.. 180gr. vinyl 2013 €17.00
Malefices LP Cacophonic 6CACKLP complete film-score/soundtrack to a film from 1962 (director HENRI DECOIN) (german: 'Das Haus der Snde'), "a masterpiece of mystifaction art", oscillating between classic, subtle film music, experimental electronic sounds & at times weird musique concrete... 2013 €22.00
Choix doeuvres 1950 1985 10 x LP BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD133 incredible beautiful box-set (with full colour folder and silver embossed box) presenting the main works of PIERRE HENRY until 1985, lots of rare material included, the artwork is simply astonishing... "The box set emphasizes the unpublished, the comparisons and the contrasts"; all re-mastered by IOS SMOLDERS / Earlabs, lim. 400 2015 €175.00