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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Telegraphy by the Sea CD Helen Scarsdale HMS009   2006 €13.00
Sever CD Intransitive Recordings INT032 third solo-album, industrial-drone of another kind at its best! Amorph & dark electro-magnetic organic, rich in detail at the same time.. "Sever is an engaging album of evocative, highly visual drone music made up of layers upon organic layers that are in constant motion, and yet seem somehow still.." 2009 €12.00
The Decline Effect do-LP Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS 021 Corrosion-drones! Stunning new album by this sound-artist from San Francisco with high conceptual approaches; four long tracks of mechanic, electromagnetic or field recording-based sounds with interesting "stories" behind, always on the border to mystery and wonder... lim. 350 gatefold-cover 2011 €22.50
Kamchatka CD-R Contour Editions ce.cd_0003 JIM HAYNES mysterious "elemental drones" on Kamchatka are derived from recordings of rocks, hills & plains in combination with a live soundtrack to a film by PAUL CLIPSON; lim. /numb.150 copies, oversized cardboard / art cover , 'printed utilizing archival pigment ink on strathmore paper'; on the new label from RICHARD GARET, New York 2012 €13.00
The Wires cracked LP Editions Mego eMEGO 171 another manifestation of JIM HAYNES mysterious object-drones & reverberations, which always transport a special atmosphere of transitoriness & decay... filed under: surrealistic hiss & rust-drones; highly recommended! 2013 €16.50
Ununtrium's Daughter CD Semperflorens SF11 inspired by UNUNTRIUM (a highly radioactive element with the atomic number 113) this is a work about the 'existential transitory state of self-disintegration', expressed through specially created field & object recordings => again a great mixture of suspended drones & crackling sounds, intense & full of tension !! 2014 €13.00
Scarlet MC Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS030 "Rarely one meets an artist so coherent in churning out recordings that systematically challenge the listener to an authentic analysis of the self." [Massimo Ricci]; MC only release by Drone Rec. artists JIM HAYNES from San Francisco, the sounds are based on 'hot-wired strobe lights' mainly, combined with shortwave radio sounds and 'psychic disturbance'...pure inscrutable 'Gerńuschmusik' with low fi noises, pulses, cut-ups, raw hummings, perfect for a MC release! 2015 €10.00
Flammable Materials from Foreign Lands LP Elevator Bath eeaoa 045 a full LP composed from material recorded at a residency in Estonia, taken from abandoned post Soviet-Era buildings and strange radio shortwave transmissions, leading to crackles, mechanical drones, rusty noise and cryptic speech with the typical flair of decay JIM HAYNES is known for... kind of sister-album to the 'Throttle & Calibration' tape.. "somewhat sparser than his other works, but no less fascinating, and with an additional menacing edge" [Brainwashed] lim. 300 clear vinyl 2016 €22.50
Throttle & Calibration MC Helen Scarsdale Records HMS 040 outstanding release of processed field recordings, taken from the "Active Crossover Archive" that was build during a residency of JIM HAYNES in Estonia in 2015 (together with a dozen of other sound artists) => resulting in eight tracks, HAYNES overwhelms with abrasive drones and roaring sounds from "Soviet-era industrial farming complexes, the droned blur of aeolian harps, massive oil tanks, and the torrent of noise from the Arctic wind ripping through an empty water tower.." great ! lim. 150 2016 €10.00
Electrical Injuries LP Aussenraum Records AR-LP-008 exciting and powerful, almost undescribable noises that suck you in like nothing else on this new LP by JIM HAYNES, at times loopy structures are build, but there are always multi-layers of complex drones and noises present = psycho-physical industrial at its best !! "Torn, ripped, blown apart, dissolved in acid, left to rot, atomized, electrocuted" [Jim Haynes] only 200 copies 2017 €15.00