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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Remember do-CD Tesco Org. tesco067 re-issue with 40 min. bonus material 2007 €18.50
Live in Japan 2003/2007 DVD/CD Tesco 077 DVD/CD two entire live shows from 2003 on the DVD (edited by Frank Merten / HERBST9), selections of two shows 2007 on the CD 2009 €20.00
Live in Japan 2007 LP Tesco 077 LP selections from two live shows Tokyo 2007; contains A2 poster & comes in luxurious glossy gatefold-sleeve, lim. / numb. 888 copies, with printed inner-sleeve 2009 €19.50
Under-Kontrakt CD Tesco Org. TESCO 085 new album dealing with mercenary & military contractors - 11 tracks of threatening & fiercing ambient industrial noise...comes in special digisleeve with embossing 2011 €14.00
Obituary of the Americas LP Tesco Organisation TESCO 100 last copies of G.O.'s new album, thematically based on South America, the amount of pressed copies was exactly dependent on the amount of received pre-orders;"..a slow creeping, noise-layered journey through some dark hearts. Dark noisy beats are the rhythms for the decay and resistance of those involved, examined out of multiple angles and perspectives..." 2016 €25.00