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Neither speak or remain silent part 3 : Allure maxi-CD Die Stadt DS 89 / JR 003 third & last part in this series. Maxi-CD (25+ min) feat. JOHN CONTRERAS, STEVEN WILSON (BASS COMMUNION), ROBERT FRIPP, etc.. and the beautiful voice of CLOODAGH SIMONDS. special cover 2006 €13.00
Here is where we used to sing CD Janet Records JRDS004A new album with 11 tracks by the group around CLODAGH SIMONDS, ethereal & most beautiful nightshading "dreambient" songwriting... feat. COLIN POTTER, MICHAEL BEGG, and many more guest-musicians like JULIA KENT, JOHN CONTRERAS, BRIAN ENO... 2011 €13.00
The Salt Garden I 10inch & CD Die Stadt DS116 four new tracks by the most ethereal and poetic "ambient-folk" group from UK, around singer CLODAGH SIMONDS; co-released by STEVEN WILSONs Headphone Dust label, comes with CD copy of the same material 2016 €17.00
The Salt Garden II 10inch + 2 x CD-EP Headphone Dust HDFH1026 / Die Stadt DS118 the second part of "Salt Garden": four new tracks by the most ethereal and poetic "ambient-folk" group from UK, formed around singer CLODAGH SIMONDS, with guests like LAURA SHEERAN, MICHAEL BEGG (HUMAN GREED), COLIN POTTER and BRIAN ENO; this edition comes with CD-version of the same material plus bonus remix CD-EP by ABUL MOGARD, only very few in stock !! 2017 €30.00