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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Magnetoline CD-R Daphnia Records PH04 back in stock this early EIG album; magnetic meditation based on singing bowls, guitar drones and field recordings; full colour / photo - cardboard-cover 2006 €9.50
Nowadays Warm CD-R Daphnia Records PH01 re-edition of the first EIG-album from 2004; highly melancholic ambient drones from Russia; comes in full colour cardboard cover, compared to guitarish TROUM or AIDAN BAKER solo; BACK IN STOCK! 2006 €9.00
Emotional Resounding CD-R Daphnia Records PH-06 back in stock, melancholic & timeless peaceful ambience created with synths & guitars... special handmade oversized cardboard-cover, very nice ! 2007 €9.50
Sub Pluvia CD-R Daphnia Records PH07 "this work is dedicated to all those forlorn during the rain"; comes in full colour cardboard-cover 2007 €9.50
Dim Lines CD-R Daphnia Records PH10 subtle distortion drones, ultra wide & spheric, another nice release of this Russian guitar-drone project, somewhere between HUM, MAEROR TRI and PETER WRIGHT. Recommended for ultra-drone lovers !! 2008 €9.00
Domination: Audiometry CD-R Daphnia Records PH11 re-issue of first mCDR from 2004, with 18min bonus track; peaceful & harmonic drone-ambience - very beautiful 2009 €9.00
Raktasonic CD-R Daphnia Records PH09 pure contemplative drone-muzak, soft & caressing transcendental waves of overtuning sound... 2009 €9.00
Peaceful Landscape MC YAOP - YAOP 051 rare MC only release by the Russian duo, lonely & melancholic dronescapes... C-60; lim. 71 copies with handmade cardboard cover (full colour), very fragile like the music... 2011 €8.00
Perception CD Daphnia Records PH12 first "real" (factory-pressed) CD-release by the established Russian drone-ambient project, combining smooth field recording drones with harmonic guitar work other effects, slowly waving and highly contemplative.. two long tracks 2012 €13.00
Shadows of Stillness CD Muzyka Voln MV-VIII second 'factory-pressed' CD album by Drone Rec. artist EXIT IN GREY from the Moscow-area, almost released in parallel to the appearance on our "Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone Vol. 3" LP - four tracks of emotional / harmonic / natural drones, so calm & organic & touching deeply, created with guitars & effects, harmonium, Polyvox, field recordings, VLF radiowaves of Earth atmosphere and space bodies; edition of 300 copies 2013 €13.00
Истерика Вечного (Hysterics of the Eternal) CD Frozen Light FZL 044 / Zhelezobeton ZHB-LXIV this album by EIG is mainly based on the ever fascinating sounds from radio - it's waves and ether sounds and interferences of voices, strange magnetic tones, etc.. combined with softly shimmering guitar harmonics, immersive and secretful floating dream drones are created in the special EXIT IN GREY way.... the two long gems were already recorded in 2011 and finally find a home on this CD; lim. 300, numbered, 8 page booklet 2016 €12.00
One Lumen in the Past CD Frozen Light FZL 039 the beloved Russian project with a transcendental drone masterpiece, three long 'primeval soup' tracks that sound extremely mysterious & melancholic at the same time... when subliminal atmospheric drones meet with field recordings and melancholic guitar drones, this sounds like a mixture of TOY BIZARRE and TROUM; dedicated to the memory of the space around us! lim. 300 2016 €13.00