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Everywhere at the End of Time LP History Always Favours The Winners after the big success of "An Empty Bliss beyond this World", JIM KIRBY (also known as V/Vm) uses here again old sampled 78 rpm records from the 1920's filled with nostalgic "ballroom jazz", with the concept of showing the process of dementia on a series of 6 LPs, slowly progressing into nothingness..." This release is dark, yet there is something incredibly beautiful about it. Like watching a loved one pass away..." [cnewboul] 2016 €23.00
Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 2 LP History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW026BLACK second part in a series of six LPs, epitomising the onset and development of dementia and memory loss through nostalgy-filled "ballroom jazz" samples from old 78rpm records.. "This second stage takes a more wistful tack as our protagonist gradually realises that all is not well and begins to rummage deeper into the recesses of his mind, masking emotions of grief, loss, fear and uncertainty..." [Boomkat] 2017 €25.00