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Outer Envelopes LP Denovali Records den248 new album by this very promising project from the Netherlands, creating a kind of "wide landscape technoid ambience", clear and cold atmospheres with (sometimes) slow deep bass pulses and effectful crackles, electronic sounds and winds: as far as you can go 'ambient' coming from almost beatless techno... for fans of BIOSPHERE, SEETYCA, or the GLACIAL MOVEMENTS label... 2016 €20.00
Continental Ruins LP Denovali Records den276 newest album by this strong Finnish act on Denovali, inspired by decayed infrastructure (sunken cities & continents); "a journey through washed out, blurred particles, gliding across the ungraspable seafog of the atlantic, transforming the visible into sound. The murky and desolated atmosphere throughout the tracks reflects an forgotten utopia of places that were once populated."; black vinyl edition, thick covers & innersleeves, 180 gr. vinyl and download coade 2017 €20.00