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No Escape from the Valley of the Cannibals 7inch Killer Records killer 002 early EP by Norwegians low fi impro collective, with direct relation to trashy Cannibal B-movies from the past, combining their psychedelic noise with voodoo percussion and quotes & samples from those movies, ending up in a crazy noise orgy.. "spiritual direction by ALEJANDRO JODOROVSKY" 1998 €6.00
Villa Graps LP Apartment Records APAREC028 "Dedicated to crazy Taxi Drivers everywhere" - recordings from 2006 by the Norwegian psych impro rock band, sounding like "a dirty wound that looks cool and doesn't hurt enough for you to want it to disappear"; on the 2 colour silkscreen cover images of their favourite female film stars appear, and indeed these low fi guitar drone excursions with bluesy sounding guitars could appear nicely in a WIM WENDERS film... 2010 €15.00