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014 LP Hafenschlamm Rekords HR 014 second LP by the Hamburg-based project with old school (early 80's) minimal rhythmic analogue electronics and proto-techno, ponding & pulsing through winds of electro-static noises and tuned synth-echoes.... tres hypnotique! 2016 €16.00
IV LP Hafenschlamm Rekords hr 017 already the fourth LP by this Hamburg-based project (all records and tracks and albums have no real title) with his pure and dry analogue minimal drone muzak, here especially subtle, pulsative, static, circling like a helicopter... just sound, no messages! 2016 €16.00
Scheich in China LP V I S VIS002 third album by this project from Hamburg, associated with the legendary KRANICHE Club, Golden Pudel and Hafenschlamm Rekords => going into a more rhythmic direction this forms a kind of super dry minimal proto-techno, on the side-long track on Side B field recordings are used and a more free experimental collage is build... numbered ed. 300 copies 2016 €16.00