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UHUSHUHU (Ухушуху)

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Geoscience (Землеведение) CD-R / DVD-R Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLVII group from St. Petersburg with third longplayer, multiple layered narcotic / transcension drones with lots of different organic (animal) sounds appearing in the mix, whispering & mysterious, think of LUNAR ABYSS or ALIO DIE.... on the DVD-R you find a well produced abstract film with psychotropic visuals, incredible structures build from simple rays, flickering and multi-dimensional, really hallucinogenic !! Highly recommended for psychonauts!! Lim. 111 copies 2015 €12.00
Long Songs pleasant for Hearing MC Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLI cassette-version of the debut album (2014) by this promising St. Petersburg group, a C-50 with three tracks of dark cosmic ambience, entitled 'Surface', 'Underwater' and 'Underground': " We will face sonic anomalies, random wanderings in unstable and unpredictable spheres, vague rustles and semblant echoes, spaces of various densities, mood and nature, hidden dead-ends, spontaneous phonations and labyrinths enclosed in themselves." Lim. 55 copies 2015 €8.50
Onega MC Zhelezobeton ZHB-LII / Panteon PAN009 re-issue of the second album by the organic ambience project from Russia > these are full scale transcension-drones, slowly expanding, waving and humming in a natural way with great layers of various sounds and overtunes in the mix...feat. CREATION VI on one track; C-84, edition of 55 copies with extra cardboard folder & bonus remix compared to the original CDR version 2015 €8.50