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Atavist Craft CD Sombre Soniks SomSonCD02 the mysterious NAM-KHAR collaborate with SIELWOLF (active a long time ago) for a simply breathtaking album => 5 long pieces of ritualistic, slowly percussive, pulsing esoteric ghost drones that mesmerized us to the highest degree... highly recommended! lim. 300 2015 €12.00
Oppressfield CD Sombre Soniks SomSonCD03 after the great "Atavist Craft" from 2015 this is the second collab by NAM-KHAR and SIELWOLF - again they move inside the field or ritualistic ambient industrial, always circling and hypnotizing and slowly machine-like, maybe a bit more dark and colder as before... "Industrial is bleak and dark, it has to be, but beneath the grime, dust, oil, and blood, there always lies a diamond." [Fallofbecause] = dystopian trance-meditation muzak with great effekt! 2017 €12.00