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Nude Sky CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1020 recordings made 2013-2014 by this US group feat. ALLAN ZANE aka WYRM (known from the late Drone Rec. pic 7" DR-99); this one hour on-going track consists of super weird sounds (high pitched voices, backwards sounds, undescribable morphed and deranged noises and vocals) that appear in short circuits and micro textures.. imagine the weirdest from NWW, IRR. APP(ext.), BIG CITY ORCHESTRA or COLUMN ONE.. pretty special stuff, surrealistic as hell!! Lim. 50 2015 €8.50
Sapphire in the Pancreas CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACK 1016 a kind of sister release to "The Egg that moves itself and burns!", psychedelic noise collages recorded on a reel-to-reel tape machine, made with lots of processed instrumental sounds that slowly enfold and pile up, change and spiral faster and get more crazy until the end... lim. 50 cardboard sleeve 2016 €6.00
The Egg that moves itself and burns! CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACK 1027 "Auf LSD? Eher mit Speed auf der ▄berholspur eines Wild Mouse Roller Coasters! Nichts kann diesen abstrus collagierten Overkill mit anfangs zugleich Řberschnappenden und weich gekochten, dann lethargisierten oder im Traum geschmurgelten Zeitspuren und zuletzt tŘpfelige, eine schnarrende Computerstimme umfunkelnde Seltsamkeit annńhernd fassen, schon gar nicht in Worte. O Baby, uUu!" [Bad Alchemy] - somewhere between NEGATIVLAND and NURSE WITH WOUND, most unlistenable! lim. 50 2016 €6.00