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Verwerfungen CD Obfuscated Records OR21 'Every person is just a gear in a system" - ambient Industrial newcomer from southern Germany (Freiburg) with a nice blend of loops, drones & samples, dark atmospheric noises with a political message, to discover! Replicated full colour CD (not CDR), lim. 100 only! 2013 €12.00
Tape 1 MC Grodock self released the ambient Industrial act from southern Germany (Freiburg) with the first tape release, 11 tracks with German titles like "Unterwasserstr÷mungen", "Untertunnelung", presenting moody dark ambience, hypnotizing loops & noises, but also more obscure field recording based tracks with quasi rhythms and industrial pulses, all created with great care; prof. C-45 cassette with full coloured fold out poster cover, + additionally a huge live concert poster; lim. 50 copies 2017 €7.00