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Cella CD-R Still*Sleep CDR20 hyper-minimal drones of transcendence that evolve slowly like monolithic blocks, heavenly waving... five long tracks.. first full album for this newcomer drone-project from the U.S., definitely to discover for drone-heads... 2012 €9.00
Peak of Anchorite mCDR Taalem alm85 IA is ALEX COPELAND, a newcomer to the drone-scene who sets here very high-pitched & whirring & hissing drones against a harmonic fundament => very sharp contrasts & special sound! Recommended advanced drones ! 2012 €5.00
Labyrinth CD-R Still*Sleep CDR24 shining new work by this US American 'ambient drone' composer, creating ultra-minimal and slowly evolving drone-winds and heavenly voices, with additional echo-guitars and twinkling organ-like keyboards by JULIEN DEMOULIN and ROSS COPELAND, very suspended stuff longing for eternity... filed under: loosing-yourself drones 2013 €9.00