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Brain Overloaded CD Zoharum ZOHAR IYHHH 006 the solo project of RAFAL IWANSKI from HATI - first full album, dedicated to WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - very versatile ambient noise tracks, using all kinds of analog & digital sources, field recordings and acoustic objects, very different from HATI ! Lim. 444 copies / special oversized cover 2012 €12.00
Dead City Voice LP Zoharum ZOHAR 053-1 LP / ETER 15v recommended second (vinyl) album by the solo project of RAFAL IWANSKI (HATI), a 6-track work about the psychic influences & transformations through the CITY, a dark filmic & emotional soundtrack to confront with the 'living dead' of one's town.... comes in nice gatefold-cover, lim. 250, with stunning artwork by EWA BINCYK 2013 €16.00