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Beyond Repair CD Sincope SIND030 the Swiss sound-artist who previously worked as PHROQ, with a challening album:"eleven short pieces for modular synth, home-made electronics and tape recorders" => small sounds from objects and something like fizzy micro-electronic short wave noises are combined with humming and rattling of analogue synths and other unclassifiable phenomenons, with a very 'direct' sound and approach; small and tiny but dynamic noises for intimate listening!! very nice, to discover 2014 €10.00
Surrender, Render, End CD Helen Scarsdale Records HMS 036 the Swiss experimental / musique concrete composer who creates complex, sophisticated 'noise' soundscapes and collages, with a compelling album on JIM HAYNES label HELEN SCARSDALE => "Meirino posits the album as a metaphysical puzzle of manipulated tape, atonal synthesis, and concrete sound. He is quick to point out that these are more than field recordings, better stated as an extreme amplification of natural phenomena." 2016 €14.50