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Зов Предков (Zov Predkov) - CD Vegvisir Music o:002 quite intense ritual industrial from Siberia, using lots of handmade instrumental & electronic sounds and deep roaring voices, celebrating invocations of unknown nature... recommended if you like HALO MANASH, VRESNIT or MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE 2008 €13.00
Ouroboros CD Infinite Fog Productions IF-37 newest release by the ritual industrial shamans from Siberia; sounds of thunderstorm and primeval Ural forests, spoken & whispered invocations, gong & metal sounds, handmade drums & flutes, all creating a very authentic, lonely & otherworldy atmosphere...two unique rituals were recorded; comparable to EMME YA, ARKTAU EOS, etc.. lim. 170 2013 €13.00
Ghanood CD Vegvisir Music : 011 recommended (totally acoustic) authentic ritual music from the Ural woods, this time in collaboration with 121 of CLOSING THE ETERNITY... strings, bells, bowls, chimes & rainsticks form a 30+ min. contemplation with lots of shimmering gong/bells/metal sounds.. lim. 200 only !! 2014 €13.00