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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Misanthrope CD L White LW014 lim. 500 digipack 2003 €12.00
Natural Selection CD Eibon Records CON044 digipack 2003 €13.00
Out for Blood LP Parasitic Records PR71 rare LP by the US American 'brooding industrial' and power electronics project, the use of overwhelming noise-waves and extremely effected vocalizations (sometimes reminding on IRM) along with intense atmospheric parts lets CONTROL stand out in the power industrial scene... Lim. 300, white vinyl 2014 €21.00
In Harm's Way CD Ant-Zen ACT330 third album on Ant-Zen for the excellent US power electronics / death industrial project, who combines impressively sluggish atmospheric passages with noise & vocal aggression, fully loaded with various multi-layered sounds & effects.."a perfect equilibration of organic heat and machined iciness, executed with skin deep emotion and surgical precision" 2015 €13.50