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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
English embers (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-05 lim. 200, handmade covers, coloured vinyl (two colours) 1994  
A Thousand Badgers in Labour CD Black Rose Recordings BRCD 95-1003 re-release of their legendary second LP from 1990 - this Cd-version contains 2 bonus-tracks that were not on the original album! BACK IN STOCK 1995 €13.00
Seven Hands seek Nine Fingers CD Fin de Siecle Media FDS 13 re-mastered re-issue of their FIRST LP from 1989 ! 2005 €13.00
Handbags & Dada CD Fin de Siecle Media FDS18 collection of live-material 1989-2000 // www.findesieclemedia.com 2006 €13.00
A live Coal under the Ashes CD Tesco 010 1992 saw the release of CONTRASTATE's third proper album (after two brilliant self-released LPs) on Tesco, with a packaging no one had seen before: a CD placed "inside" a clear die-cut vinyl LP; this is the re-issue of the CD with one bonus-track, their mixture of experimental ambience, ritual industrial and poetry / lyrics let's this still stand out! "There is an odd sense of mania whilst listening to A Live Coal strange whistling, off key guitar strings and trance like paranoia" [blackaudio] 2008 €13.00
A breeding Ground for Flies CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD91 the return of the unique dark/poetic/surrealistic post-industrial group (and legendary early Drone Rec. artist) from UK !! lim. 500 oversized slipcase & booklet 2012 €13.00
No Eden without Annhiliation LP + CD Tesco Organisation TESCO 109 the sister release to "A breeding Ground for Flies" features live recordings made at various venues throughout Europe from 2012-2014, further refining their vision of apocalyptic / deeply critical music, a mixture of ambient industrial, ritual music and noise with a strong emphasis on the thought-provolking lyrics, thus often generating a compelling psychic vortex; lim. 300 with CD version of the same album included 2016 €25.00
True Believer / The 10 40 Window 7inch Dirter Prom. DPROM 115EP two brand new tracks by the UK cult band - great silver foil cover, lim. 500 2016 €10.00