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Delog CD Wrotycz Records WRT 007 deep spiritual ambience from Poland, influenced by Tibetan Buddhism (the term 'Delog' means: the one who has crossed the threshold of death and returned ); multi-layered synths with swirling effects, subtle rhythmic passages and original Tibetan Ritual Music sounds appear well balanced in the mix for a contemplative journey, ... perfect stuff for your deeper mind if you like the releases on GTERMA, OPHOI, ALIO DIE, GRASSOW, etc.. 2008 €12.00
Prabhashvara CD Wrotycz Records WRT 016 deep/dark "oriental" ambience from Poland, using many original ritual sounds (voices, wind instruments, etc.. from Tibet), somewhere between early VOICE OF EYE, HALO MANASH and HYBRYDS maybe, very worth to discover !! 2012 €13.00