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Progress Report 1980-1983 7 x LP-box Vinyl-On-Demand VOD73 7 x LP box with 60p book, T-shirt and DVD; the ultimate collection of all their MCs 1980-1983 plus various unreleased & rare compilation tracks; lim. 600 in impressive & embossed METAL BOX !! LAST COPY ! 2010 €120.00
Pure Form CD Other Sounds OTHER S3 the legendary British outfit with their latest album from 2012 - weighty electro industrial / slow EBM with aggressive vocals, powerfully produced, a must for fans of SKINNY PUPPY or FRONT 242; special offer now ! 2012 €8.00
Progress Report 1982-1986 do-LP Vinyl-On-Demand VOD138.01-02 the deleted do-LP from the "VOD presents 80's Minimal.Synth.Wave Vol.3"; lim. 200 re-issue.... "breaching the gap between UK industrial, early ambient and the formative signs of electronic dance" 2015 €27.50