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The Blue Notebooks CD Fat Cat Records / 130701 CD13-04 highly praised neo classic chamber music album from 2004, very subtle, melancholic & reduced, far from being bombastic, rather a monument of "magic sadness" 2004 €15.00
Elle s'appelait Sarah - Bande Originale CD JADE 6997269 original soundtrack to the film "Elle s'appelait Sarah" (Her Name was Sarah) by GILLES PAQUET-BRENNER 2010 €14.50
La Vie sauvage des Animaux domestique CD JADE 6997162 original soundtrack to a film by DOMINIQUE GARING from 2009, recorded with the Dresden Symphonic Orchestra 2010 €14.50
Disconnect (OST) CD Milan M2 36629 Soundtrack for the Film of the same name - a real "ambient / chamber music" masterpiece based on the great emotional main theme ('On the Nature of Daylight') appearing in varied forms a few times, connected through fields of dreamy & ultra subtle melancholic night-drone passages... 60+ minutes 2013 €17.50
Memoryhouse do-LP 130701 - BBCLJ30022 deluxe re-press of MAX RICHTERs debut album masterpiece from 2002 with extended artwork on coloured vinyl => very beautiful neo-classic orchestral music, recorded with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, highly nostalgic, poetic, melancholic... a must for fans of JOHANN JOHANNSSON or ARVO PRT 2014 €33.00
From Sleep do-LP Deutsche Grammophon 479 5259 / 479 5296 the one hour version (with 7 movements) of MAX RICHTERs 8 hour "Sleep" project: 'contemporary drone' lullabies that work perfectly also during the daytime to set you in a dreamstate with their wonderful melancholy & repetitive structures... lim. vinyl version / gatefold cover on black or clear vinyl 2015 €27.50
Sleep 9 x CD-BOX Deutsche Grammophon 479 5682 the full eight-hour version of SLEEP, which is said to be the longest one-piece composition in the history of classic music => beautiful 'contemporary drone' lullabies that work perfectly also during the daytime to set you in a dreamstate with their wonderful melancholy & repetitive structures....8 CDs + one blue-ray disc containing the same material, + booklet in cardboard box 2015 €60.00
The Leftovers (OST) LP Silva Screen SILLP1485 subtitled "Music from the HBO series - season one" => this is the soundtrack to DAMON LINDELOFs TV series from 2014 about a post-apocalyptic global event, for this most emotive neo-classic music RICHTER merged electronics (synths, choirs) and handplayed instruments (violin, cello, piano) to create again pieces of utmost beauty and desolation.. 2nd pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl 2015 €27.50
On the Nature of Daylight 12inch Studio Richter / Deutsche Grammophon SR002 the heartbreaking title track for the great "ARRIVAL" film by DENIS VILLENEUVE (the piece was originally composed for 'Blue Notebooks' in 2003) in both versions for quintet and full string orchestra; this is also the first release on MAX RICHTERs new label STUDIO RICHTER 2017 €17.00