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Navigare LP Miasmah Recordings MIALP010 debut full-length release for this ex SLOWDIVE-member with beautiful transcendental drone-spheres, very ethereal and experimental ! LP-version comes with bonus-track 2009 €18.00
Bunny CD Miasmah Recordings MIACD017 second solo-album by the ex-SLOWDIVE, moving more into song-oriented / textured ambience; full of wondrous sounds, atmospheres, harmonies and unusual arrangements; has been compared to FENNESZ & TIM HECKER. We love it !! 2011 €15.00
Below Sea Level CD 12K 12K1071 dedicated to a certain desolate landscape / area (The Fens) in East Anglia, UK, SIMON SCOTTS first album for the well-known US-label shows more experiments with field-recordings and forms again mesmerizing (day)-dreamlike, sensitive, mellow dronescapes... 2012 €15.00
Insomni CD Ash International Ash 11.4 fourth album by British sound artist SIMON SCOTT (once the drummer in SLOWDIVE, but he works also for films, exhibitions and dance productions) creating beautiful organic atmospherics, between the very abstract and more harmonic (acoustic guitar) passages, involving environmental & field recordings.. "Highly recommended for fans of Rafael Anton Irisarri, William Basinski, Lawrence English and Christian Fennesz." [Headphone Commute] 2015 €15.00
Floodlines CD Touch Tone 53 first album for this British sound artist on the prolific TOUCH label, this composition is based on field recordings made in the flatlands of "The Fens" East Anglia (areas that are located below mean sea level) and underwater hydrophonic recordings; floating water atmospherics with some occasional electronic outbursts.. Live at Cafe Oto, London, 31st January 2016 2016 €11.00