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Uzed CD Cuneiform Records RUNE 15 CD the "chamber music prog rock" ensemble from Belgium with their unique dark, dramatic & violent sound, this is a re-issue of the fifth album from 1984, which incorporated more electronic sounds as before... 1989 €15.50
Heresie CD Cuneiform Records RUNE 29 re-issue of their second album from 1979; the darkest avantgardish neo chamber-music you can imagine 1991 €16.00
Ceux Du Dehors CD Cuneiform Records RUNE 39 re-issue of their third album from 1981; the darkest avantgardish neo chamber-music you can imagine, with the great "LA MUSIQUE D'ERICH ZANN" 1992 €16.00
Univers Zero CD Cuneiform Records RUNE 1313 remastered re-issue of the debut-LP from 1977; contains long bonus track "La Faulx"; the beginning of their unique dark & powerful "chamber-prog" style 2008 €16.00
Relaps / Archives 1984-1986 do-LP Sub Rosa SR392V a collection of unreleased live material rec. 1984-1986 (for example in Hannover and Frankfurt 1984, which shows the Belgian 'dark chamber rock' & RIO band around DANIEL DENIS in their legendary 80's line ups before they made a long break... excellent sound quality, coloured / marbled vinyl, nice gatefold cover with extensive liner notes 2015 €19.50