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The Euphoria of Disobedience CD + object OYC Limited - OYC Limited I so far latest & hard to find album by the pioneering British ethno/organic - ambient group (existing since 1982), who always played many of the used traditional instruments themselves..."THE EUPHORIA.." goes into a more electronic, experimental and less ethno focused direction, but still keeps the typical OYC sound alive.. the CD comes with massive handmade "resin ice tile" cover, affixed to the front of the digipack; numbered edition 2006 €20.00
OYC25 CD + DVD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 167 CD NEW recordings by the UK ambient pioneers marking their 25th anniversary; "five tracks of post-industrial, fourth worldish, dirty ambience"; PLUS a DVD of live recordings and rare footage through their history, and a complete alternate mix of the album 2009 €17.50
Ambiguism (1983-1987) 4 x LP / 7" / DVD-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD72 re-issue of their two early LPs "Scene in Mirage" and "Into dark Water", plus two complete unreleased albums from the same time, a 7" with their first ever recordings, and a DVD feat. material from their videos; lim. 600 2010 €69.00