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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Goldfall CD Faraway Press 06 re-release in replica of original LP / very beautiful artwork. 2007 €16.00
Ghost of Nakhodka CD Siren Records SIREN 017 recordings 2006-2009 first released on MC in 2009; re-pressed w. new oversized design: handmade card slipcase mini LP boxes with embossed inner sleeve and dowelling spine! 2011 €18.00
Forty-Nine Views in Rhapsodies' Wave Serene CD Faraway Press FP021 49 atmospheric miniatures by ANDREW CHALK, so slow & nostalgic - comes in an extreme beautiful handmade cover (very thick cardboard with extra innersleeve connected to a wood-spine to get it out) - a very special release of stunning & timeless beauty 2012 €18.00
East of the Sun CD Faraway Press FP 08 another re-issue of CHALKs classic album, first released as MC in 1994; this is a beautiful "mini slipcase edition", handmade oversized gatefold cover, with wooden spine at side ! 2014 €17.50
The Cable House CD Faraway Press FP15 re-pressing of the album from 2009 now available - this is a beautiful "mini slipcase edition", with handmade oversized gatefold cover, and wooden spine at side ! 2014 €17.50
The Circle of Days LP Faraway Press FP 023 older CHALK recordings feat. DAISUKE SUZUKI performed on / created with field recordings, keyboards, guitar, bass & slide-guitar => everyday environmentals (like in ORA with DARREN TATE) merge with subtle instrumental drones and sound drops, filed under: impressionist ambience... "A magical, captivating piece of work that functions like a sonic parallel to the way shooting stars grip our gaze in wonder" [Infinite Limits]; ed. of 325 copies 2014 €20.00
Vega CD Faraway Press 03 deluxe RE edition of this classic CHALK album from 2005 with three pieces of amorph drone-ambience; a waving, langourous acoustic mass that wafts into each little gap.... comes in mini LP style CD slipcase with inner sleeve and wooden spine 2014 €17.50
A Light at the Edge of the World CD Faraway Press FP 025 a kind of sister/following album of 'Forty-nine views...' , based on impressionistic electric piano sounds, now condensed into one long piece (40+ min.), this creates a wonderful suspended contemplation mood, embracing the emptiness... + beautiful handcrafted packaging again with wooden spine on inner sleeve & clothbound outer spines... 2015 €19.50
Ghosts of Nakhodka LP Faraway Press FP 024 a different album than the "Ghost of Nakhodka" CD on Siren Records (2010/2011), these 13 miniatures are based on synths and field recordings, use backwards sounds and form nice varified drone pieces, interwoven in the typical CHALKian way... ed. of 300 copies, inlay 2015 €19.50
Everyone goes Home when the Sun sets CD Faraway Press FP 027 a collection of 19 pieces of impressionistic ambience miniatures, often based on organ and zither (?) sounds, intimate and poetic acoustic drones that give you a warm feeling, like a "koan of lost memory and forgotten landscape.." artwork: oversized gatefold cover, mini-LP style with OBI and insert 2016 €15.00