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same LP Reue um Reue RuR009 lim./numb. 200 white vinyl / french-german project being compared with COIL, MIRROR, ARVO PRT.. 2008 €16.00
Attendre LP Reue um Reue rur021 second album on TuTRuR by this remarkable French project, now working more with acoustic instruments & folk influences, sometimes it sounds like film-music to an old french film, all perfectly arranged, the label calls it "Post-Mediterrania" and compares it with NOVY SVET and MUSHROOMS PATIENCE, lim./numb.ed. 198 copies only ! 2011 €16.00
Paradies CD Zoharum ZOHAR 098-2 first CD release (after two LPs) by the inspiring French project (with Polish name), following his vision of a "mediterrianen" ambient-folk melange with experimental & electronic edges..... many handplayed phrases from cello, accordeon & mandonline, combined with slow loops... very unusual & still to discover! lim. 300 2015 €12.00
Felicita LP Enfant Terrible Vrystaete02 third and hard to find album by the French "mediterranean ambient" project... accordeon, cello and strings unite with electronics, oscilliating between a folky airiness and passionate melancholy.. lim. 150 2016 €19.50
JE NE SUIS PAS L, JE NE SUIS PAS MORT MC Reue um Reue RUR039 10 new tracks of "mediterranean despair and bohemian misery" on this rare MC (C-42, lim.100); French composer LEO MAURY uses mandonline, accordeon, e-guitar, electronics and has build his very own style, this could contain his most melancholic and sad sounding pieces... 2016 €10.00