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same CD INA GRM c 2020 six powerful, surprising pieces between improvisation, composition and post-processing, by this French project, performed on contrabass, percussion, effected violin, sampler, piano, electronics.. full of tension, the meeting of electro-acoustic, chamber music and electronic music... their first album, based on studio recordings made in 2002; still very much to discover !! 59 min. length 2005 €15.50
Caravaggio # 2 CD La Buissone RJAL397016 after the great debut on INA GRM performing "rock music" with electro-acoustic working methods, this is only their second album... next to almost classic prog-rock passages there are also completely experimental parts and Jazz-Avantgardish explosions, performed with great profession and many surprises / changes.. 2012 €17.00