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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Exorcizos CD Abolipop Records AR009 interesting newcomer / composer from Mexico! 2008 €10.00
El hombre que se sofoca CD Sub Rosa SR319 / New Series Framework # 5 stunning album by this Mexican composer, known to us for his "Exorcizos" CD; derived from field recordings he creates powerful & hypnotic concrete noise & drones...incl. the fantastic 15+ min title-track (combining spheric choirs, ocean-wave noises and cock crows, etc..).. absolutely to discover ! 2011 €13.00
Nadaanda LP Musica Moderna MM006 three new pieces by this interesting Mexican composer, derived from pure field recordings and processed with special working concepts, very pure and direct microsounding object-noises, human body creations & undefiable stuff... for fans of MURMER, ERIC LA CASA, etc. :: lim. 200 copies only 2012 €15.50