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Keep an Eye out LP Table of the Elements TOE-LP-101 / Md Mendelevium back in stock this great one-sided LP on FIRE-RED vinyl in the GUITAR SERIES of Table of the Elements with etching on one side... "quicksilver-like" drones [Hellmut Neidhardt aka N] 2008 €18.00
Eternelle Idole do-LP Shelter Press SP 060 a score written for Paris based choreographer GISELE VIENNE for a pretty weird ice skating piece (including a monster) "Metal against ice, tights and knots, spirals and scratches, shouts and winds : field recordings mold a crispy atmosphere while instruments draws some ovals shapes such as lakes, ice skating ring, cosmos belt"; white vinyl, incl. luxurious 16page 12"x12" booklet with many great photos from the choreographic piece; lim. 500 (2nd ed.) 2015 €30.00