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Meiosis CD Siren Records SIREN 022 re-mastered re-issue of the second release from 1985 (MC by Broken Flag) by the old 'ambient noise" project of ANDREW CHALK - on 11 untitled tracks MEIOSIS oscillates between high pitched micro-detail (feedback or shortwave) hiss noise and quiet analogue drones and field recordings, in the first half very raw & energetic but with a true sense for slight changes & (tape) manipulations... this comes in the typical facsimile mini LP style; lim. 500 copies 2013 €15.00
The full use of Nothing CD Siren Records SIREN 021 re-mastered re-issue of the very first MC release (1985) by ANDREW CHALKs old solo-project, first in a trilogy of releases, luxurious art-cover (mini LP style with Japanese language obi strip), lim. 500 2013 €15.00
First, Second and Third Drop CD Siren Records SIREN 014 the former solo-project of ANDREW CHALK, this was the final album recorded early 1986 and stayed unreleased until 2008: metallurgic acoustic drones and wind-noises, a multi-layered dance of resonances from bowed percussion instruments and metals, not unlike some ORGANUM works, absolutely mesmerizing.... this is a re-press of the SIREN edition from 2008, with new cover and OBI strip, 500 copies 2016 €15.50