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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Rudolf Eb.er's Runzelstirn & Rudolf Eb.er's Gurgelstock 12" SIEBEN sieben 7.5 lim. 500 , last copies 2002 €10.00
Meditation on a Broomstick CD Tochnit Aleph TA100 extreme bruitistic action-noise, a mixture of concrete destructions & rumblings and insane screams, but also softer mysterious organic noises, undescribable weird cut-up collages and dark animalistic orgy-sounds from hell... edition of 500 copies, a masterpiece of intense concrete music !! 2011 €12.00
Extreme Rituals LP Erratum EM007 two symphonies (rituals) for hooters, scrapings, screamings & unidentifiable organic sounds => very radical & pestering soundscapes made with lots of vocal sources, really extraordinary & emotional material by the "art-brut-shamanist" (SCHIMPFLUCH, RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK), recorded in Osaka 2011 2012 €15.00