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Deltas LP Editions Mego emego 149 first vinyl album for this interesting newcomer (and member of the GRM), known for his albums on MYSTERY SEA; "DELTAS" is based on stone and meteorite resonance recordings => advanced sound-art beyond easy categorization! Mastering: ROBERT HAMPSON; Cover-art: STEPHEN O'MALLEY 2012 €17.00
Rituel de la Mort du Soleil CD Unfathomless U16 recordings from a nightly ritual held outside in an unknown, completely isolated place (held in France near Pellechevent, 15th July 2011), using the sounds of the location: "aerial, hydrophonic, contact, magnetic sound potentials.." - this really 'breaths' something mysterious & uncanny, glimpses of field recordings from fire (?), insects, animals, plants, bones, and other concrete sounds shine through... lim. 200, a fascinating work by KASSEL JAEGER again ! 2013 €14.00
Toxic Cosmopolitanism LP Editions Mego eMEGO 183 two new side-long pieces by the rising Swiss-French composer, using for each side the same source materials (instrumental sounds from different cultures, like balafon, tremolo, gnbri, gee, tibetan gongs, pan flutes)... this sounds like music coming from another planet, mysterious drones, crackles, hums, metallic tones, melodies...very dense, thick and slow.. great immersive album again for this member of the GRM (Groupe des Recherches Muscales) from Paris !! 2014 €16.00
Onden CD Unfathomless U37 KASSEL JAEGER is becoming the master for subtle and mysterious, somehow 'subconscious' drone muzak.... ONDEN means "hidden field" and is the name of a forgotten district in Tokyo, where the basic recordings for this composition were made: electromagnetic sounds from electric devices of a big town, plus the nocturnal field recordings of empty streets, the murmurs, the insects and animals, the silence... lim. 200 cardboard art cover with inlay 2016 €14.00