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Rivers of Mercury / Via Styx CD Firework Edition Records FER1025 two dance-theatre pieces for choreographer PER JONSSON, recorded in 1996 & 1998, by this highly interesting composer from Stockholm, who gets more and more attention these days: with JOHAN SÍDERBERG (percussion) and JEAN-LOUIS HUHTA (live electronics) abstract and vivid soundscapes with live-sounds and electronically processed material are created, dark pulsations and surrealistic sounds....suspense-filled, excellent stuff, still to discover ! 2000 €13.00
Xenon CD Firework Edition Records FER1090 AKERLUNDs second album for Firework Edition uses recordings of machinery and activities of everyday life, re-processed and transformed into something amorphous and gaseous => inspired by the gas XENON, which causes some fascinating effects (for example the speed of sound is slower in Xenon gas than in air, so that all frequencies are lowered), it can also be used to levitate objects.... 5 tracks 65+ min of subtle noises and hissings, slowly transforming their shapes.. 2011 €13.00